Corrosion Protection Technology

Efficient, Competitive and Eco-Friendly Solutions

The Challenge:

Corrosion attacks metals everywhere.
The damage can be life-threatening, lead to equipment failure and facility downtime.

3.5 T$

Annually global corrosion damages

Existing protection solutions against metal corrosion are based on ecologically harmful galvanization or paint applications, both producing high amounts of carbon (CO2 equivalent).

The Coreteel Solution:

A breakthrough technology providing an innovative solution based on unique organic components


Longer-Lasting solution


Safe for humans and the environment


Dramatically saving of costs

Longer-Lasting and Sustainable

2.5 times improved protection compared to galvanization

Weight loss lab test 10,000k SST (Remaining weight %/hours)

Environmentally Friendly

80% reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions during the process compared to existing methods

Eiffel Tower emission comparison

Cost Effective

Reduction of 85% in maintenance costs

Eiffel Tower corrosion protection cost comparison