The Technology

Unlike most anti-corrosion solutions, in which the protection of the metal surface is based on a passive top-coat barrier (paint or galvanization), Coreteel’s technology is unique in its approach.

Coreteel’s product acts immediately upon contact with the metal surface, binding chemically to the metal surface and reacting with any rust or oxides.

The active molecules form a protective layer against further corrosion without affecting the metal’s mechanical properties.

Functional Description





Applying Coreteel
Material on Metal


Conversion of the
Oxide Layers


Creating of the
Protective Layer

The Product – CORRIZON BASE®

CORRIZON BASE® is a water-based product ready to use without dilution.
It is environmentally friendly, nontoxic, nonflammable, noncombustible and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). It complies with the UL standard certifications – Green Guard & Green Guard Gold.

The surface preparation required is minimal and does not involve the use of any hazardous materials or processes (like sandblasting).

CORRIZON-BASE® is compatible with any adhered rust remaining on the prepared surface. It can be applied on damp surfaces and is suitable for interior or exterior use.

The application requires a very thin layer that can be applied using a brush, roller, airless or spray gun, or by immersion. All equipment can easily be cleaned with water.

CORRIZON BASE® is fast curing through a wide range of temperatures. It is a high-performance general maintenance coating for new and old metal surfaces. CORRIZON BASE® can be applied on galvanized or painted metal as it penetrates the coating to reach the metal. A wide range of top coating paints can be used with CORRIZON BASE®. Primers, rust convertors or inhibitors are unnecessary.

CORRIZON BASE® has strong chemical resistance to splash/spillage, fumes, and immersion in fresh or salt water. Rigorous independent tests have shown that no rust was found on the treated base metal even under adverse conditions or in extremely salty environments, and that there was no change in the mechanical properties of the metals.

CORRIZON-BASE® does not interfere with or affect any welding or cutting processes.