About Us

The Vision

Coreteel is motivated to develop solutions for the challenges of our time – Protecting the environment by extending sustainability of resources

What We Do

We develop
sustainable innovations
for our customers

How We Do It

We develop innovative eco-friendly and green technologies, products and industrial processes to protect metals against corrosion across all sectors and industries

Sustainability Advantages:

Reduction of Carbon Emissions
(Saving Carbon Tax Costs)

Longer Lasting
Corrosion Protection
(Saving Maintenance Costs)

Safe for Human Health
(Saving human lives)

Development Team – Multidisciplinary

Organic Chemistry, Mechanics of materials Microstructure Design, Paint & Corrosion, Mechanical Engineering.

Chairman & CEO

Hagai Hadas

Highly developed management skills from the Israeli intelligence organization – “Mosad”. Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

CFO & Executive Member

Amit Abramovich

5 years of experience in operations management. Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting.

Marketing Strategy & Executive Member

Jonathan Abramchik

Entrepreneur, main shareholder and Board member. Former CEO of Le Halles Mandar.


Tsvika Shatsberg

Navy veteran with years of operational experience.

Scientific Consultancy

Prof. Smuel Osovski

Mechanics of materials Microstructure Design Technion- Israel Institute of Technology. M.Sc., Chemistry. B.Sc., Materials Engineering.

Chemistry Development Researcher

PhD, Galit Parvari

Organic Chemistry at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. PhD, Chemistry.

Head of Technology Processes Development

PhD Tomer Hillel

Former head of materials in the Israeli Navy. Paint & Corrosion expert, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology.

Head of Industrial Process Development & Executive Member

Roi Perez

15 Years of management experience in operating complex projects and industrial production. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering.